He is far from honest.

You were not a good student two years ago.

What's the meaning of this?

Girls wearing mini-skirts, walking or sitting, are very effective eye-openers.


Could we meet privately?

I have already started.

Leo is becoming a problem.

I wrote it for him.

I bought only one sheep at the market.

My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas.

Let alone the criminals: They have suffered for their offences; But those who have no crime, Are indiscriminately involved in ruin.

Sharon likes cheese.

I can't believe that Great Britain has voted to leave the European Union.

It's a matter of national security.

You're slower than a villain's horse.

I am an adult.

Have you heard this song before?

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We'll be happy to help.


I was here when Slartibartfast got here.


With whom were you speaking?

Thank you for that information.

Reinhard speaks two foreign languages.


I only did what I had to do.

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You get on the JR Chuo Line.


A storm was approaching our town.


Do you think your spouse spends enough time with you?


I'm so grateful for you.


Don't you know that he has been dead for these two years?


Catching cancer early increases survival odds.

Io was one of the lovers of Zeus and was transformed into a cow by him.

Kate keeps a dog.

Everyone is in favor of the new project.

I think this translation isn't correct.

Have you seen the recipe book that I wrote?

I'm very sexy.


I can't think of you as more than a friend.

"Tomas and Stefan have broken up." "That's ancient history."

Who are they?

You're learning Irish.

She is a member of our society.

She repeated what she had heard to her mother.

"Is there a book in the desk?" "No, there isn't."

They say that her uncle worked for them.

We reached the top of the mountain.

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You're afraid of Buddhism, as you try to cover it with accusations of being Jewish.

My mother is certain to say no.

By that, Boeing means that there may also have been other problems, but that an accident could have been avoided if the crew had done their job correctly.


What do you use this for?


I am afraid I can't help you.

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As she watched, the birds, especially Chizuko's golden crane, looked alive in a light autumn breeze.

Piercarlo doesn't seem all that busy.

Hsi and Courtney talked on the phone almost every night.

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Naren didn't say where or when to meet him.

Roxie stepped away from the ledge.

She's wearing hair curlers.

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Did you see my brother?

Glittens are fingerless gloves with a mitten.

I wish my family was happy like yours.

Would you like to be a farm boy?

Jekyll suffers physically when he trasforms into Hyde.

He is a genius in his own opinion.

We reached London at midnight.

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Brooke said that it was just a coincidence.


I'd better help Dominick out.

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George works on a big farm.

He is my brother.

Chip is always sleeping in class. It almost seems like he goes to school just to catch up on his sleep.

I'm happy with my salary.

Loukas and Kriton are safe.


Bob has a lot of books in his room.

He is not the man that he used to be.

She's new in town.

Let's try to do something.

How wonderful would the world be if everybody were me!

His trembling hands belied his calm attitude.

Seymour can use my bicycle if he wants.

I don't work for you.

Right now, we have to find out what happened.

I am no longer young, but I can still bite.

That is our father.


You're dedicated.

I think your hypothesis was right.

She returned from the hospital.

He is advised to keep to a strict diet.

You wouldn't have won without me.

How does Leif intend to do that?

Yoko went shopping yesterday.

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When you rely on the team too much, it may reduce your individual competitive instincts.

Walt Whitman is my favorite American poet.

Please give me a hand with my job.

Mondays are not good for me.

Vivek isn't very dependable.


If it rains, he won't come.

"I have a terrible tooth-ache." "You'd better see a dentist at once."

Huashi's name is first on the list.


Hamburgers have gone up this week.


This is the toughest role he has ever taken on.

I have lived here a long time.

Alejandro opened his mouth to say something.

It was already late, so I went back home.

Alice is Tait's dearest friend.


I wanted to win the prize, but failed.


I really like this singer.

Things are getting a little more cryptic!

Do people ever accuse you of being obnoxious?

I need to keep moving.

My job is to anticipate problems.

The ordinary people had their livelihood in farming rice.

He politely corrected me.

Maybe Socorrito doesn't want to have a party.

We'll save a seat for you.


I've told you all I can.

She turned her old dress into a skirt.

I was reasonably happy with it.

If you're busy, I'll ask someone else to help me.

Sam had no intention of quarreling with Bud.


The Mir space station was the largest man-made object to ever fall from orbit.


Bring your books down.

I'm very surprised that you don't know Tahsin.

I believe that's all I need.

The cookie jar is empty.

Dimitry jimmied the lock.

The less I know, the more interested I get.

Butterfly is a very nice word.


He moved back with his parents.

After a little time off, I plan to go on another concert tour.

Would you tell Sekar I'm back?

Thanks for the beer.

"Will he pass the examination?" "I am afraid not."

We should provide against fires.

I must make up for lost time.

Frederic didn't want to talk to his wife.

"Hi, is this Vicki?" "No, it's Shakil. Graeme says Hello."


I don't know if that's such a good idea.

I hope you'll come again some day.

Good fences make good neighbors.

I don't know when the meeting started, but it started at least thirty minutes ago.

I wish we could settle this like adults.

The smirking male clerk replied.

You fled.

I don't know how it works.

What do you think of Japan?

She grew up in the GDR.

Sigh, this used to be a nice neighbourhood.

Are you free on Friday afternoon?

I want you to ride with us.

Your kiss is sweeter than honey.

Do you have any other hotels you would recommend?

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I saw her in the meeting room.

I was gonna do a cartwheel, but I didn't want to steal the limelight.

Welcome to Columbia!


Do you have a girlfriend back home?

Spike is clearly attracted to you.

I can't find the broom.

Can we talk to her directly?

You're still the same spoiled little girl I knew two years ago.

He fell a victim to his own ambition.

So long as I live.

Does anyone here know how to do this?

The clock on that tower is accurate.

I suppose I could help.

Syun has athlete's foot.

I'm often mistaken for my brother.

Our supplies are running out.